Access Partners has been in business for 45 years, dating back to 1969, when Tony Orfila and Rod Colato started the company which was then known as Orfila Sales Company.

With only a few principals, Orifila Sales grew rapidly, being one of the very first brokers to focus almost exclusively on non-food disposables products. AS the away from home market grew, Orfila Sales grew even faster, and filled out their line and product offering to include nearly all non-food items which restaurant and commercial food establishments need to operate.

Tony became an iconic figure in industry in the process, and his company became known as one of the very best operations in the industry.



In 1999, Tony retired, and soon thereafter, the company changed its name to Access Group, covering both Northern and Southern California.



A refinement of the name was initiated in 2009, laying the framework for expansion into other western markets.

Access Advantage was created as a new division of Access Partners. Access Advanatge is a stand-alone entity dedicated to working with the multi-unit and chain account restaurants.



So far 2014 has brought us two strategically important growth opportunities. On January 1, 2014, Access Partners merged with Ranger Marketing, resulting in the combined companies employing over 50 people covering 10 western states.

Then on May 1st the acquisition of Miller Marketing resulted in greater resources, broader reach, and more people to serve the jan-san principals and customers in our market. Pat Carey, Blake Morgan and their fine group from Miller Marketing joined Mark Presho and the Access Partners team, to become Southern California’s largest jan-san agency, representing many of the top lines in the industry.

We look forward to working closely with all of our partners as we move forward in our integrated venture.