Fast Casual Consumers Want Food Quality, Chefs Touch

Published by QSRA
Zagat, the restaurant rating service, issued its first-ever report on the fast-casual industry this week, finding that the quality of the food—and the people responsible for the menu—was a top… Read the full article.



Tech Takeaways: What to Prioritize

Published by QSRA
Technology has long been lauded as the saving grace of an industry that relies heavily on efficiency, but amidst all of the marketing, hopes, and hype, it… Read the full article.



Top Ten Trends in Takeout

By Beyond the Plate Series, The Food Channel
Whether you call it takeout, carryout, or food to go, this category of the food business shows no signs of slowing down, regardless of the outlook for the economy. Read the full article.

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Fabri-Kal to expand its sustainable packaging with new Idaho plant

By Michael Lauzon, Plastics News
Thermoformed packaging company Fabri-Kal Corp. plans to tap into Idaho’s farming community to expand its sustainable packaging program. Read the full article.


Avoid Getting Sick: Top 8 Germiest Public Places Exposed

By Nicole McEwen, Special to Lifescript
With Ebola cases now on U.S. soil and cold and flu season around the corner, hand hygiene has become even more important. Read the full article.

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PS up 6 cents on feedstock prices, stronger demand

Published by Plastics News
North American solid polystyrene resin prices continued their recent surge in January, climbing an average of 6 cents per pound. Read the full article.



Survey Results Demonstrate Optimism in Packaging Industry

Published by QSRA strengthening economy and less volatile input pricing could result in a positive year for the foodservice packaging industries in North America and Europe, based on an annual survey conducted by the Foodservice Packaging Institute (FPI), the industry’s leading authority. Read the full article.

National Restaurant Association


Operators eye more sustainable packaging

Published by the National Restaurant Association
A number of restaurateurs say they will change their takeout packaging this year to reduce their environmental footprint, new research from the National Restaurant Association has found. Read the full article.

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Say so long to recycling code arrows

Published by Plastic News
An ASTM International plastics committee has announced a big change to the Resin Identification Code: The iconic chasing-arrows symbol will be replaced by a solid, equilateral triangle. Read the full article.

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Material Insights

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