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OmniFlex AutoVac

When is a mop bucket not just a mop bucket? How about when it can be transformed in minutes into an automated high performance floor machine that rivals the performance of an autoscrubber — at a fraction of the cost?

That’s what happens with the OmniFlex™ Auto-Vac from Kaivac, a valuable link in the crossover cleaning evolutionary chain. It’s a really fast, simple approach to clean, safe floors.

This practical, low cost system is perfect for high speed cleaning of hard-surface areas, such as hallways, dining areas, cafeterias, lobbies, warehouses, fitness areas, gym floors and many more. It’s as fast and effective as an auto scrubber without the added cost or complexity, making it perfect for building service contactors and facility managers alike.

Built for multipurpose flexibility, the system also supports a variety of additional cleaning modes and floor care operations. For example, if extra dwell time is needed for heavy soil situations or for disinfection purposes, simply raise the squeegee head and leave the spreader pad in place. The system will disperse a thin uniform layer of solution as it leaves the spigot. Then, if desired, after sufficient dwell time, simply lower the squeegee head and vacuum up the solution.



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