VISME – Merchandising

VISME™ Visual Merchandising Services.

As a value added service to our manufacturing and distribution partners, Access Partners operates a subsidiary service division created specifically to enhance retail displays of the manufacturers we represent.  


Our professional VISME™ team takes charge of visual merchandising opportunities by:

  • Developing and maintaining planograms
  • Enforcing compliance to merchandising standards
  • Working with store staff to ensure inventory is available and shelves are fully stocked
  • Partnering with store managers on all issues related to in-store sales 
  • Developing and implementing comprehensive signage programs, aisle violators, end cap and shadow boards / display boards and other freestanding displays to promote product and drive sales.

We provide sales sheets, samples, and market operator support where needed, in order to fully stand behind the sale of our products at retail.  We even conduct in-aisle new product demonstrations and associate training to gain rapid acceptance of products and to answer questions from the marketplace.   

VISME™. Intelligent Merchandising.

Scott Held