Access Partners is the industry’s leading independent commercial sales resource connecting manufacturers, distributors and end users with the industry’s finest products.

Our Three Verticals

The firm operates in three verticals, including the non-foods segment of foodservice, equipment and supplies (tabletop) and the janitorial (jan / san) industries. Each vertical is supported by a distinct team of experienced sales personnel, partner services (customer service) support and marketing resources.  We bring the supply chain together in ways that no other organization can.

Our Territory

Privately held and based in Rancho Cucamonga, California, Access Partners is focused on the western United States and serves national accounts across North America.

Our Regional Expertise

Our leadership team members have an average tenure of over 20 years in the food service and Jan San industries. We invest in our people to ensure we are always experts in each vertical we service. Finally, our teams are rooted in their communities which truly helps us understand the nuances of each market. Understanding the dynamics of the region, knowing the distributors, and being connected to the end user community enables us to provide long-lasting solutions to the many customers we service.

Our Clients and Customers

At Access Partners, we refer to the manufacturers we represent as our clients.  We work on their behalf representing their products in the marketplaces we serve.

Several different types of businesses purchase products from our clients — and we call them our customers.  Typically, our customers are distributors and master distributors of a range of products serving the end-user community.