Defining Culture: Access Partners Adopts Extreme Ownership Philosophy

Access Partners believes corporate culture is very important and embraces the concept of extreme ownership. More than just accountability, it defines our philosophical approach to business and how we expect our team members to interact in the market, especially with the clients and customers we serve. We train our employees on the core principles of extreme ownership and we believe it makes us a more effective team. We share these concepts with our clients and customers and we even brought in an expert speaker to train us in the philosophy.

Extreme Ownership is a New York Times bestselling book written by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin, both former Navy SEALs. The text frames up some of the guiding principles that enable their SEAL combat units to be exceptional on and off the battlefield, based on their own experience.

The core themes of Extreme Ownership serve as a template for success:

  • Prioritize & Execute– This constitutes a framework for understanding which projects and opportunities should have priority. Maintaining a strategic viewpoint of these projects helps our team stay focused on business that has strategic significance.
  • Cover & Move– Going the extra mile to establish and maintain relationships is the key to our success. We strive to be mutually supportive amongst our group and together with client and customer partners. We support each other and move forward as a cohesive unit, covering our flanks to ensure success.
  • Simple– Access Partners acts positively to keep objectives and plans clear and concise. It’s imperative that communication is detailed enough to maintain clarity, yet simple enough to be effective when working with clients, customers and associates.
  • Decentralized Command– Everyone in our organization is encouraged to be a leader in their functional area. This builds mutual trust throughout the chain of command.

To train our employees and clients in this philosophy, we invited a leader from Willink and Babin’s company, Echelon Front, to speak to our group. Flynn Cochran, a former U.S. Navy SEAL officer and Harvard Business School graduate, lived Willink’s teachings firsthand while serving with SEAL Team One. Cochran is the Chief Strategy Officer at the Echelon Front and worked with us to connect the concepts in the book to his experiences, both in the military and in a corporate setting.

Each employee at Access Partners demonstrates why Extreme Ownership works. We continue to learn and improve each day. We hope that you’ll join in our success. Call (626) 815-4200 to get connected with your local representative.