Access Partners Opens New Las Vegas Showroom

Glassware on 3 Shelves

The showroom will be used to display products from tabletop equipment and supplies manufacturers.

Access Partners, the leading commercial sales resource in the equipment and supplies, foodservice packaging, and janitorial industries, has opened a 3,200-square-foot, multi-functional location off Desert Inn Road in Las Vegas. The building has a showroom to display products from equipment and supplies manufacturers, as well as select foodservice packaging and janitorial equipment. This location also has meeting rooms, training spaces, and sample/sales material storage available. Access Partners will use the space for lunch and learns, product demonstrations, customer training events, and more.

“Las Vegas is an important equipment and supplies market for us, and this new dedicated location allows us to be closer to valuable connections,” said Access Partners President Scott Duke. “This also creates an opportunity to network with potential clients and customers in this developing vertical. We anticipate adding more showroom space in our other hub offices over time, replicating the success of our space in Las Vegas.”

Chefs, purchasing directors, and other decision-makers in the hospitality and restaurant industry can now visit this convenient location. Meetings are by appointment only. The Access Partners team can provide full sales support and strategic sourcing based on their needs. Many of the items are difficult to transport, so seeing them in a showroom environment is critical. The showroom in Las Vegas is managed by Access Partners’ Jean Fritsche. Contact her or the Access Partners team at (626) 815-4200 for more information about booking an appointment.

Green Drain®: The Simple Yet Effective Solution to Drain Odors and Pests

Restaurants often face the challenge of odors and bugs coming up through floor drains due to food particles, grease, or sugary liquids entering drain lines. Having blocked or dirty drains creates the perfect conditions for pests to live and breed. Flushing drains with chemicals can be costly and ineffective, and there are no insecticides available to safely use in drains to eliminate fruit flies and other common pests that are an annoyance to restaurants.

Drain Protection

The underlying drainage technology is an area that has evolved very little since the advent of modern plumbing. However, buildings are getting bigger and the volume of matter we now push through these pipes are stressing them out. Green Drain® brand trap seals are an evolved, cutting-edge solution, but to understand their value, you must understand the underlying problem.

The problem of drain blockages has only increased over the years. Waste disposals and macerators are flushing solids. Commercial kitchens are washing away fats and fat solids. Drainpipes in commercial kitchens haven’t increased in size, but the volume of content flowing through them has.

Many buildings are also going “green.” Low flush toilets are installed. Water-saving devices have been installed on faucets, showers and more energy-efficient boilers are available. “Going Green” ignores the original design of modern plumbing, which dictates that gravity and water push waste through the pipes.

When you reduce the volume of the water in a drainpipe and increase the waste, the following happens:


This leads to back-ups, flooding, drain flies and more infiltrating the living/workspace through the drains.

Dry Traps

This causes the airflow to reverse direction — instead of going down the drain it moves into the living/work area. Germs spread. This can also lead to pathogen spread. Viruses such as NORO and SARS can spread quickly through the pipes and out the drains.

Sewer Smells

When the airflow reverses, sewer gas odors travel back into the living/workspace through the drains. Sewer gas contains highly toxic substances such as hydrogen sulfide and ammonia. These gases are extremely flammable, and exposure can cause headaches, nausea, dizziness and irritation to the eyes and respiratory tract.

The Green Drain Solution

Green Drain, Inc. manufactures an economical Drain Trap Seal Device that allows water to flow down the drain while preventing Pests, Odors, or Harmful Gases/ Pathogens from coming up and infiltrating the living or workspace.

Users of Green Drain™ have seen the immediate, positive impact by this effective floor drain solution.

“We have completed the install of the Green Drain product; installation could not be easier. I am impressed with the simplistic design and the quality of the materials and construction. We [previously] had issues with pest intrusion at some floor drain locations. Since we have installed these units, we have monitored for activity and have found none. Just with the pest issue resolved alone, we are sold, not to mention the elimination of drain maintenance and drain odors.”

-Foodservice Distributor Sales Representative

“Being an open-air brewery, during the summer season we are in a constant battle with fruit flies and mosquitos at, and around, our floor drains, behind our tasting room bar, as well as our restrooms. Likewise, during the cleaning out of our brewing equipment, we are routinely flushing down fermented malt and barley through our trough drains. After installing [Green Drain] in all our floor drains, we could see a noticeable difference in the reduction of fruit fly and mosquito activity.”

-Restaurant Owner

“After years of working in schools with high populations, I have dealt with every odor and pest issue imaginable. I have sourced many products claiming to tackle the issues at hand. As a school district, thousands upon thousands of dollars have been wasted and literally poured down the drains to eradicate pest and odor problems. (…) I decided to go forward with purchasing and outfitting our floor drains in the school. 4 months have gone by and I have yet to have a single complaint or concern since the Green Drains were installed.”

-School District Officer

Save money on chemicals and floor drain solutions that are ineffective or only offer short-term results. The Green Drain™ floor drain trap seal is your eco-friendly, preventative solution to contamination from drain lines and plumbing systems, hazardous gases and pathogens, and pests. Achieve optimal results and the best protection when you replace your Green Drains every six months.

Ihme Foundation Golf Tournament – 2019

Access Partners is pleased to support the Ihme Family and their annual Ihme Foundation Golf Tournament.  The 2019 event proved to be another success raising $45,000 for the Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders at Children’s Hospital of Colorado.  To date, the Ihme Foundation has raised $320,000 for the cause!

Held annually every June, the golf tournament raises money for and awareness about pediatric cancer.

Congratulations to Mark Ihme and his family for the great work they are doing!


Ihme Foundation Golf Tournament

2019 Tournament Documents:

Ihme Foundation Tournament Thank You – Event Recap

2019 Ihme Golf Tournament Registration


SAVE THE DATE:  The 2020 Ihme Foundation Golf Tournament will be held June 12, 2020.


Trade Shows

Access Partners will attend and participate in the following industry trade shows during 2019:

  • NAFEM – Feb – Orlando, FL
  • CaterSource – Feb – New Orleans, LA
  • Nightclub & Bar – March – Las Vegas
  • Pizza Expo – March – Las Vegas
  • SCSSA – May – Southern Calif.
  • NRA – May – Chicago, IL
  • IDDBA – June – Orlando
  • ISSA – November – Las Vegas

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Access Advantage

Access Advantage is our dedicated division, committed to finding solutions for the challenges facing regional and national restaurant chains. Operating beyoned our normal geographical boundaries, we partner with purchasing leaders to source unique products to address everyday business needs, save money, enhance operational / logistical requirements and improve the overall dining experience. Consult with our Access Advantage team today!

Power in Partnership

More than a sales agency or broker, Access Partners builds relationships to advance mutual business interests. We are focused on serving clients, customers and end users in three verticals: the non-foods segment of the foodservice industry, the jan san (janitorial supplies and equipment) industry and the foodservice equipment & supplies (table top) industry.

Tim Aid Named Director of New Equipment and Supplies Division at Access Partners

Access Partners announces the acquisition of Northwest Hospitality Marketing bringing Tim Aid to the team as the newly appointed director, equipment and supplies division. Aid has decades of success in developing partnerships within the foodservice and hospitality industry and will spearhead Access Partners’ new division.

Mr. Aid was instrumental in the launch of Hospitality Glass Brands in 2014, which has grown to become the third-largest foodservice glass supplier in North America. In 2017, he continued his entrepreneurial ventures by leveraging his connections to create Northwest Hospitality Marketing, a regional equipment and supplies sales and marketing representation firm that connects end-users to manufacturers. The firm’s list of clients will now be represented by the Access Partners team in the Pacific Northwest. Some clients will also be represented in select additional markets within the Access Partners Western USA footprint:

  • Casarovea – An Italian company that produces textiles for hotels, restaurants, cruise ships, yachts, wellness centers and airlines, since 1976.
  • Hospitality Brands – The complete solution for glassware, barware, and creative table products to the hospitality industry.
    • Nude Glassware – Lead-free contemporary glassware for hotels and restaurants.
    • Pasabahce – The largest glass producer in the world, has been providing glassware on a global scale since 1935.
  • Paderno – A leading international brand in the manufacture and sale of professional cookware and kitchen items for the restaurant and hospitality industry.
    • Arthur Krupp – Professional porcelain, hollowware and flatware designed to meet any need for the hotel and restaurant sector.
    • Rosenthal – Hotel and restaurant solutions for tabletop and buffet service.
    • Sambonet -Stainless flatware, pots and design accessories for the tabletop and kitchen.
  • Maywood tables – Restaurant tables and cost-effective table solutions for indoors and outdoors.
  • Peugot – Instruments for cooking and tabletop, including spice mills, saw blades, coffee mills, steel cage crinolines and more.
  • Serax – Offers a variety of tabletop solutions, including cutlery, cookware and tableware.
  • Snap Drape – Table and drapery linens for hotels, restaurants, country clubs, caterers and
    convention centers that are efficient, cost-effective and versatile.
  • Spring USA – A foodservice industry leader specializing in induction cookers, buffet ware, mobile
    cooking stations and warming equipment.
  • Verterra – Leader of a full selection of items for eco-friendly catering and meal service.

“Northwest Hospitality Marketing’s client portfolio complements our business and allows us to expand our bundle providing an even greater collection of innovative products to the end-users we serve,” said Access Partners President, Scott Duke. “As the leader of our equipment and supply vertical, Tim will be helping us finish building out a dedicated sales group for these and additional lines. Our intent is to hire or acquire top-quality sales executives in each of our markets, fully focused and dedicated to servicing our equipment and supplies clients and end-users.”

2016 Annual Ihme Golf Tournament


Meet Renae Notsinneh


Renae Notsinneh

Partner Services Manager

Renae Notsinneh is our newest addition to the Rocky Mountain Region. She has 19 years of foodservice experience with specialties in customer service, marketing, graphics and event coordinating. Renae is married,has one daughter who is expecting grandchildren numbers 4 and 5.(Twins) She is Jicarilla Apache originally from Dulce, New Mexico. Renae lives in Aurora, CO. Please welcome Renae to the Access Partners family.